Fuse-Kernel-r3 3.18.131 For Motorola Moto E4 Plus [ABANDONED]

Edited on December 24, 2018



  • Upstreamed to Latest Linux version 3.18.131
  • Compiled with Latest Linaro-7.2
  • Updated MTK GPU Driver to r18p0
  • ThunderQuake Engine: Vibration Intensity Controller
  • Wi-Fi Power Management Control
  • WireGuard VPN tunnel support included ( visit for more info: https://www.wireguard.com )
  • LZ4 compression for ZRAM enabled by default
  • RGB Colour Control
  • CPU optimizations
  • Added Powersuspend Driver - new Power Management kernel driver for Android w/o early_suspend
  • Removed safetynet flags (no need of magisk to bypass safteynet)
  • Tuned interactive governor
  • upports F2FS,exFAT Filesystems
  • Reduced vfs cache pressure to 20 for better battery
  • Increased Swappiness From 60 to 90
  • Enabled L2TP VPN Protocol and SLIP TCP/IP Protocol
  • Added wakelock toggles
  • Enabled 5gHz band by default
  • Automatic busybox installation
  • Disabled Gentle fair sleepers
  • Added Dynamic Fsync support
  • Disabled GFS and enabled ARCH_POWER
  • Disabled NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default
  • Disabled crc check for 30% extra performance
  • Optimized for Cortex-A53 ARM
  • Better performance
  • Governors: alucard, darkness, ondemand, userspace, powersave, interactive(default), performance
  • Hotplugs: alucard_hotplug, thunderplug, mako_hotplug
  • I/O Schedulers: noop, deadline, cfq, bfq, fiops(default)
  • TCP congestion algorithm: cubic, reno, westwood(default), bic, htcp, highspeed, vegas, veno, scalable, lp, yeah, illinois

Kernel info

  • Kernel - 3.18.131
  • Chipset - MediaTek MT6737M


2018-12-24 (r3)

  • Upstreamed to Latest Linux Kernel 3.18.131
  • Merged updates from new official kernel release - https://github.com/MotorolaMobilityLLC/kernel-mtk/releases/tag/MMI-NMA26.42-162
  • F2FS loopback fixed Click here for more info
  • Added fiops I/O Sched
  • RGB color control (MTK KCAL colout control)

2018-04-28 (r2)

  • Upstreamed to Latest Linux Kernel 3.18.106
  • Merged updates from new official kernel release - https://github.com/MotorolaMobilityLLC/kernel-mtk/releases/tag/MMI-NMA26.42-146
  • Compiled with Linaro-7.2
  • Updated MTK GPU Driver to latest r18p0
  • Removed safetynet flags (no need of magisk to bypass safteynet)
  • Tuned interactive governor
  • Made Thunderplug as default CPU hotplug driver & Interactive as default CPU Governer ( You can change it by Kernel Auditor )
  • Some more minor fixes/improvements

2018-03-23 (r1)

  • Initial release

Downloads & sources

Feature controlling:


1) Boot into the latest TWRP recovery

2) Flash the Kernel’s zip

4) Reboot your device once the installation is done

Device Lags a bit ?

Dont worry, it’s a normal thing

  • Get rid of unnecessary (background-)apps
  • Try a different IO-Scheduler
  • Try another profile If you are experimenting huge lags, you have done something wrong

Remember dis, Performance ∝ Battery Consumption :v

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