AOSP-13 For Realme 6, 6i, 6s, Narzo and Realme 7, Narzo 20 Pro, Narzo 30 4G

Edited on August 16, 2022


  • Enforcing SELinux
  • AES-256-XTS File Based Encryption (FBE)
  • Passes SafetyNet out-of-the-box
  • F2FS support on userdata partition
  • Signature spoofing support (for microG)
  • Google Sans as a default font
  • Ringtone, Notification, Alarm, UI sounds from Goolag Pixel
  • 3 fingers swipe to screenshot (Settings->System->Gestures)
  • Double tap to wake toggle (Display settings)
  • Vibration intensity controller (Sound settings)
  • Pickup gestures (Settings->Display->Lockscreen->Ambient Display)
  • Dual-tone light and dark themes for QS
  • Monet support for power menu

Known issues

  • Native Video and Wifi calling
  • USB audio
  • Bluetooth audio (calls are working fine)

Reporting Bugs

  • DO NOT Report bugs if you're running a custom kernel or modules
  • If you have magisk installed, uninstall it and see if issue persists
  • Navigate to Developer options in Settings and Generate a full bugreport from there
  • Grab a bugreport right after the problem has occurred
  • Remember to provide as much info as possible. The more info you provide, the more likely that the bug will be solved. Please also do not report known issues. Any bug not reported in the bug report format below may be ignored
  • Create new issue in bug report format linked below and attach bugreport zip you generated from Developer options on github repo or Report it on telegram group


Full changelog: Github


  • Initial seperate gapps build
  • Passes SafetyNet out-of-the-box
  • Added signature spoofing support (for microG)
  • Added vibrator intensity controller (Sound settings)
  • Added support for 3 fingers swipe to screenshot (Settings->System->Gestures)
  • Added dual-tone light and dark themes for QS
  • Added monet support for power menu
  • Misc Launcher3 improvements


Device info

  • Kernel - 4.14.290
  • Platform - Mediatek MT6785


Telegram channel

Support group


If you are coming from RealmeUI-1.0 or RealmeUI-2.0 or any custom ROM

  • Boot into custom recovery
  • Format data
  • Flash latest AOSP-13 build
  • Flash Lineage recovery
  • Reboot your device once the installation is done

If you are already on AOSP-13

  • Boot into custom recovery
  • Flash latest build
  • Reboot your device once the installation is done


Can I flash this rom from RealmeUI-1.0 or custom ROM based on it?

  • Yes! this build contains RealmeUI-2.0 firmware so doesn’t matter what ROM you are on.

How to root?

  • Download latest Magisk apk and flash it from RECOVERY.

How to flash stuffs in Lineage recovery

  • Use External SDCard or adb sideload

Can I flash other custom recoveries?

  • Not recommended but Yes, you can. Make sure that recovery is compatible with RealmeUI-2.0, RealmeUI-1.0 based recoveries simply won’t work.

Safetynet is failing after rooting the device

  • If you are on Magisk 23.0:
    1. Enable MagiskHide from Magisk Manager app
  • If you are on Magisk 24.0+ (Zygisk):
    1. Enable “Zygisk” option from the Magisk Manager app
    2. Reboot your device
    3. Enable “Enforce DenyList” option
    4. Go in “Configure DenyList”
    5. Enable “Show system apps” option then search ‘Google Play Services’ and tap on it (but NOT on the tick box!) to expand activities
    6. Enable “” and “”


  • AOSP-13 (GAPPS) - Download
  • AOSP-13 (VANILLA) - Download
  • Lineage recovery for Realme 6/6i/6s and Narzo - Download
  • Lineage recovery for Realme 7, Narzo 20 Pro and Narzo 30 4G - Download

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